André Cataldo was playing music long before he had any idea that it would be a driving force and defining characteristic that would follow him to the present day.

He started playing music as a five-year-old when an Au Pair came to the States to help provide care to him and his sister. Immediately, the young Turkish-born Yildiray Cumartpay, a professionally trained musician himself, realized the inherent musical ability that the young Cataldo possessed and began working with him on rudimentary drums and guitar. This became the pair’s activity of choice giving him the practice hours needed to build a solid foundation.

André was invited to play drums in the Contemporary worship service for the church he grew up attending when he was ten years old. He remained the church’s drummer until he was 18 when renown touring musician/producer Ross Christopher was hired to be the church’s new Contemporary Music Director. Eventually, Christopher would invite André out for a number of tour dates between 2009-10, whilst encouraging him to expand his universe by compiling a list of songs he’d written on his own.


When he was a senior in high school, André began sharing his music under the name Dear Genre and immediately released the project’s debut EP “You Put the fear in Atmosphere.”(Produced by Ross Christopher, 2010.) 

In proceeding years, five follow up studio albums have been released, including the most recent album, "Man In Full." (winter 2020).

Seldom defining their exact style, St. Louis Music Underground Indie Rock Podcast describes previous works as “Dreamy shoegaze, contrasted at other points with some beautiful, jangly, almost country twee-pop, drone-y electronica with a Middle Eastern feel, and just flat out, bombastic rock, among many others”. 

Dear Genre looks forward to expanding their digital reach, adding to their music video archive, and creating more one on one relationships.

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