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Andre Cataldo began sharing his music under the name Dear Genre in 2010 and has since released six studio albums, including the most recent album titled Man In Full (Winter 2020).  

Throughout the years, Cataldo’s main goal has been drawing inspiration from the world around him and incorporating his experiences into his songs through storytelling, metaphors and double-entendres, often times tongue and cheek with a mild whit. 

With no clear indication of a preferred sound label, St. Louis Music Underground Indie Rock Podcast describes the project's previous works as “elements of dreamy shoegaze, contrasted at other points with some beautiful, jangly, almost country twee-pop, drone-y electronica with a Middle Eastern feel, and just flat out, bombastic rawk…”.  

With this crazy year coming to a close and a new record in the open, Dear Genre looks forward to a new year filled with expanding their digital reach, music video archive, and other creative ventures.

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